10240 Processors!

Slashdot posted a story today about a planned NASA cluster of 20 SGI Altix 3000s, each of which has 512 processor. Thats 10240 processors total, running only 20 system images. Pretty amazing stuff. I get to use one of those 512 processor machines at work sometimes and it is ridiculously fast. Imagine, if you will, “make -j1024 client.mk build”… (no I haven’t actually tried that – yet)

I’m been really busy studying the Linux VM system lately and haven’t had much time for Mozilla.org stuff. I’ll be back to working on that in about a week. A bug in my Camino tooltips patch was found and it has been driving me crazy, so perhaps this break for another project is good.

One thought on “10240 Processors!

  1. I used to work with Octane SGI machines, I love them. I’m always bit@#&*g at work becuase now we use wintel, we got virus, spyware, blue screens of dead… hopefuly, SGI will release a Linux -Itanium®2 workstation based on the Altix server, something that will kill longhorn for good …

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