Camino Slogan Chosen

We finally decided on a Camino slogan.

“Mozilla Power, Mac Style”

Thanks to blog reader JARinteractive for suggesting it in the comments on my slogan idea solicitation post. Also thanks to everyone who took the time to think of suggestions.

Hopefully we’ll have web badges and t-shirts sporting the new slogan soon. If JARinteractive sends me an email, I’ll try to swing a free t-shirt for him or her when they come out.

LaTeX via LyX is Awesome

I have written about 15 pages of my CS thesis in LaTeX using the LyX editor. Its amazing. I am saving so much time! Thanks a ton for the suggestion.

If you’re writing a paper, the more technical the better, I highly recommend using the LyX editor. With LyX you don’t have to learn the actual LaTeX syntax, which saves a lot of time. The UI is great and it is packed with functionality. It comes with good documentation. Exporting documents to DVI and PDF works marvelously. I usually use it on SuSE Linux but it also works on my Mac OS X box. If you’re on Linux, your distribution probably has a lyx package you can install using the distro’s package manager. If you’re on Mac OS X, follow the instructions on this page to run LyX with an Aqua user interface:

Camino Slogan

We’re coming up with some web badges and t-shirts for Camino, but we need a slogan to put on them (Firefox’s slogan is “Take Back the Web”). You don’t even want to know what we’ve come up with so far, which is why I’m soliciting suggestions here 🙂 Please don’t suggest stuff with legal impediments. And jokes about the car, El Camino, are entirely worn out so don’t even go there (Ben!).

Any ideas?

LaTeX and Camino Updates

Thanks for all the great responses about alternative document formats! LaTeX does seem like the way to go. I’m sitting down to learn how to use it right now.

Two exciting things on the Camino front. First of all, it looks like there is going to be an 0.8.1 release which will include some small fixes as well as the latest security fixes. All of the Camino developers have been really busy with other things in the last month or so, so hats off to Pinkerton for finding time to spin the new release. Secondly, Geoff Beier has posted a final candidate patch for Camino’s new tab implementation. It should be awesome. See bug 235782 for more information. Thanks Geoff!

Oh – I also want to mention bug 245407, which documents Javier Pedemonte’s quest to make Mac products (including Camino) use Quartz to render images. We’ll still be using QuickDraw (blech) for most things, but its a good step in the right direction. Thanks Javier!

Alternative Document Formats

I’ve started writing my undergrad capstone paper for my Computer Science major, and I’m having a hard time deciding what format to write it in. I definitely don’t want to do it in MS Word, but the only other documents I know how to make are HTML/XHTML docs. I’m willing to learn a new document format, but there are a lot to choose from and I’m not sure where to start. Have you written big papers in a format other than MS Word? If so, what format was it and how did it turn out? What is the learning curve like? Would you use the format again?

I’ll need to print a nice bound copy of the final revision, but I’d also like to put it on the web (also maybe make a PDF). Other than this ability to convert to other formats, I only need basic formatting (paragraphs, bold, italics, font control, headings, pagination, maybe lists?) and dynamic page numbering. Obviously I don’t know much about what I’m talking about (which is the point of this post), so I’ll shut up now and let you post your experiences/suggestions. That is, assuming anyone reads this blog 🙂

Ahh Summer

Summer evenings are great. After work today I went on a nice run at our college’s track with my good friend Adi. During our run we discussed lots of great things like John Ashbery’s poetry and the latest Believer. Then I had cheerios and blueberries in rice milk. Mmmm (its good, I swear). After that I read a good book for an hour (Mark Helprin’s “Memoir From Antproof Case”), cooked some excellent food, cleaned up the house a bit while listening to Ivy’s “Long Distance” album, then read some more.

Hopefully the summer won’t ever end… but since that is unlikely I have to find a way to make freezing cold Minnesota winter nights this pleasant. I’m stocking up on cocoa, blankets and books.

Slowly… getting… better… maybe… hopefully

I haven’t done much Camino hacking lately because all of my time is spent with the Linux kernel now. Also, I don’t like working on Camino on my 667MHz PowerBook because it takes too long to compile things and run in debug mode (maybe I just perceive it that way from working on really fast boxes at SGI). Hopefully I’ll get a G5 in the next month or so and using Mac OS X won’t feel so sluggish any more.

Anyway, I’m learning quite a bit by working on the kernel. Because the stakes are high in that code, I’ve learned to be more careful and thoughtful when I code. Because performance is the name of the game, I’ve learned to write much faster code than I used to. Following the Linux Kernel Mailing List (lkml) and talking to other really smart kernel hackers has been a priceless experience because listening to other smart people and learning to express your thoughts about problems clearly are invaluable to the development of any programmer. Of course I’ve also learned a lot about how operating systems work, which helps all around.

That said, I’m excited to get a good Mac OS X system set up in the next month or so and bring my new skills to Camino and I’m still a programming nobody compared to people like Brian “Big Blue” Ryner, David “W3C” Baron, and Mike “Fruit Warrior” Pinkerton (to name a few), but I like to think I’m getting better. I’m also ready to learn more from’s code and coders as it is an interesting and useful juxtaposition to kernel hacking.

Its 1 AM, I’m tired, and I’m getting a headache. I’m not actually as enthusiastic right now as it might seem from what I just wrote. Off to bed…