Slowly… getting… better… maybe… hopefully

I haven’t done much Camino hacking lately because all of my time is spent with the Linux kernel now. Also, I don’t like working on Camino on my 667MHz PowerBook because it takes too long to compile things and run in debug mode (maybe I just perceive it that way from working on really fast boxes at SGI). Hopefully I’ll get a G5 in the next month or so and using Mac OS X won’t feel so sluggish any more.

Anyway, I’m learning quite a bit by working on the kernel. Because the stakes are high in that code, I’ve learned to be more careful and thoughtful when I code. Because performance is the name of the game, I’ve learned to write much faster code than I used to. Following the Linux Kernel Mailing List (lkml) and talking to other really smart kernel hackers has been a priceless experience because listening to other smart people and learning to express your thoughts about problems clearly are invaluable to the development of any programmer. Of course I’ve also learned a lot about how operating systems work, which helps all around.

That said, I’m excited to get a good Mac OS X system set up in the next month or so and bring my new skills to Camino and I’m still a programming nobody compared to people like Brian “Big Blue” Ryner, David “W3C” Baron, and Mike “Fruit Warrior” Pinkerton (to name a few), but I like to think I’m getting better. I’m also ready to learn more from’s code and coders as it is an interesting and useful juxtaposition to kernel hacking.

Its 1 AM, I’m tired, and I’m getting a headache. I’m not actually as enthusiastic right now as it might seem from what I just wrote. Off to bed…