LaTeX and Camino Updates

Thanks for all the great responses about alternative document formats! LaTeX does seem like the way to go. I’m sitting down to learn how to use it right now.

Two exciting things on the Camino front. First of all, it looks like there is going to be an 0.8.1 release which will include some small fixes as well as the latest security fixes. All of the Camino developers have been really busy with other things in the last month or so, so hats off to Pinkerton for finding time to spin the new release. Secondly, Geoff Beier has posted a final candidate patch for Camino’s new tab implementation. It should be awesome. See bug 235782 for more information. Thanks Geoff!

Oh – I also want to mention bug 245407, which documents Javier Pedemonte’s quest to make Mac products (including Camino) use Quartz to render images. We’ll still be using QuickDraw (blech) for most things, but its a good step in the right direction. Thanks Javier!

One thought on “LaTeX and Camino Updates

  1. i’d just like to add that the quartz work makes camino speedier than even safari on older macs. do relay my thanks to javier.

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