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We’re coming up with some web badges and t-shirts for Camino, but we need a slogan to put on them (Firefox’s slogan is “Take Back the Web”). You don’t even want to know what we’ve come up with so far, which is why I’m soliciting suggestions here 🙂 Please don’t suggest stuff with legal impediments. And jokes about the car, El Camino, are entirely worn out so don’t even go there (Ben!).

Any ideas?

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  1. Coming up with taglines is quite a task. There are even specific jobs for it in the marketing industry. I’m not even going to begin to think I can come up with one, however, there are some things that should be present in Camino’s tagline. Two stand out.

    First, people need to know what Camino is. It needs to be understood that Camino is a browser. If the word “browser” or any of it’s variants aren’t in the main tagline, people may not know what Camino is or does.

    Second, it needs to be pronounced that Camino is a Mac-only browser. With the other two browsers Mozilla puts out (Mozilla the Suite and Firefox), Mac users need to recognize that there’s something different about Camino that makes it better than the aforementioned. Mac only means Mac specific means made for Mac means quality. Got it?

    All that said, I saw what Safari’s tagline is and scoffed. “Safari: The fastest browser on the Mac — the best browser on any platform.”

    What does Camino have on Safari? That’s the third thing that should be mentioned in the main tagline.

    “Camino: The ________ browser on the Mac.”

    You fill in the blank.

  2. What are the Camino project’s main goals? I know Pinkerton went through some self-examination after Safari came out, and I was one of the ones who urged him to go on.

    To me, Camino is still faster and less quirky than Safari. It feels more responsive and Mac-like than Firefox. I loves the Aqua goodness, and I wish it had more, particularly in the chrome.

    But that’s for me. What is it for you guys? What keeps you coming back to work on it?

    I think if you think of the one to three things you want it to be, the tagline will fall out of that.

  3. This sounds difficult, but taking a look at the spanish definitions… something about ‘road or – the way’ blend that with the web and:

    Camino: The Mac way to surf!

  4. Camino for Mac OS X: Browse In Aqua; Surf In Style
    Camino for Mac OS X: Aqua Surfin’ Style

    Surfing the Web? Go Camino: No chum.

    Camino: Surf Sexy.
    Camino: Web Walkers, Meet Platform Double Suede
    Camino: A Better Way [To Browse].
    Camino: A Better Way Through The Web.
    Camino: Own The Web. Your Way.
    Camino: Made for the Mac. Made for the Web.
    Camino: An Epiphany For The Mac (hee hee)
    Camino: Get There [In Style][Easier][Faster].

    Camino: The Superhighway Has Arrived.

  5. General guidelines: keep it cool! keep it short! put the logo in evidence (alone in the front, writings on the back?)

    Browsing stuff
    Browsing staff
    Fit the web
    Across the web universe
    Across the web world

    World Surf Domination (ahr ahr)

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