LaTeX via LyX is Awesome

I have written about 15 pages of my CS thesis in LaTeX using the LyX editor. Its amazing. I am saving so much time! Thanks a ton for the suggestion.

If you’re writing a paper, the more technical the better, I highly recommend using the LyX editor. With LyX you don’t have to learn the actual LaTeX syntax, which saves a lot of time. The UI is great and it is packed with functionality. It comes with good documentation. Exporting documents to DVI and PDF works marvelously. I usually use it on SuSE Linux but it also works on my Mac OS X box. If you’re on Linux, your distribution probably has a lyx package you can install using the distro’s package manager. If you’re on Mac OS X, follow the instructions on this page to run LyX with an Aqua user interface:

2 thoughts on “LaTeX via LyX is Awesome

  1. I agree: LyX/LaTeX is an excellent combination for substantial technical writing. I’ll be using them to write my postgrad thesis.

    If you need help organising bibliographic references, an excellent program that plays nice with LyX is Pybliographer <;. It can run in a terminal or in X (requires Gtk2) and can be installed on OSX/Fink. Admittedly, it’ll help life /medical science people more than computer science people, but it’s still worth a look.

    A good introductory guide to LyX that I came across is at <;. It’s quite old, though, and fairly long but it’s good nonetheless.

    RH & Fedora users can install LyX with ease from Dag Wieers’ Apt/Yum repository <;.

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