Camino Release Plans

In the interest of keeping users informed and hopefully involved, I’d like to let people know what we’re planning on doing in the next couple of Camino releases.

Addressing the most commonly asked question first, there are no plans to include the new tabs in any 0.8.x release. They are pretty stable at the moment, but they are a big enough change that we won’t risk releasing them until they’ve been tested quite a bit (and that means 0.9). Any further 0.8.x releases will only include critical fixes. At the moment, we are thinking about releasing version 0.8.2 to fix the fact that we have buggy Firefox bookmark importing. In fact, Camino 0.8.1 won’t even offer to import bookmarks from more recent builds of Firefox since the Firefox developers have yet again changed the location of their bookmark file. Furthermore, a bug in our Firefox bookmark file parsing sometimes causes folder hierarchies to get messed up. Both of these bugs have already been fixed in nightly builds.

We are putting most of our effort into moving forward with 0.9, a release that can and will include lots of cool new features. New tabs are in our nightly builds already. Geoff, the tabs developer, is working on making them even better. We plan to overhaul our keychain support, which is currently stuck in the past because we had to support Mac OS X 10.1.5 with the 0.8.x releases. Other planned features and fixes include a better organized and feature-complete preference system, all the rendering engine goodness that has happened since Mozilla 1.7, some more privacy tools including browser reset, and the usual slue of bug fixes and optimizations. Oh yeah – lest I forget, we should be replacing parts of our Quickdraw drawing code with Quartz code. I’m not sure when we’ll be drawing entirely with Quartz, but hopefully some time in the next year. Moving to Quartz should give us some speed gains, fewer bugs, and better maintainability.

Anything else you want to know about our plans? Any suggestions? Put well-thought-out questions and comments in the comments for this post and I’ll respond to the good ones as soon as I can.

12 thoughts on “Camino Release Plans

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  2. I’d love to have the downloads in a drawer instead of a window. It drives me nuts to have to close that window every time I download something. 🙂

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  4. I’d love to know what features you’re thinking of adding to the preferences! Always show tab bar? Always open new window in tab? view source in new window?

    Apart from the new features and fixes that’ve already been mentioned, top of my list is an easier way of viewing history.

  5. From what I have gathered in bits and pieces the reason for the troublesome import of bookmarks may trace back to problems inherent in Mozilla 1.7.x due to changes in code (to unicode?) in 1.8.x which generated problems with multiple versions of Moz being run on the same profile…which may have made their way into Firfox. The developers involved in the problem seem to be stubbornly determined to simply ignore Moz 1.7.x and move on to 1.8.x.

    Good luck!

  6. There are only a few things I want in Camino that aren’t yet there.

    One is a biggy that has been requested for a long time but always seems to be on the to do list because of the apparently massive amount of work that needs to be done to make it work… form field spell check; It’s important.

    The other is a simple way to filter images/ads. I’ve already got FlashBlock working with Camino, which is great, but it would be even better if AdBlock would work as well.

    That’s about it, Camino is already the fastest browser around but critical features outweigh absolute performance on my scale.

    Oh, color neutral toolbar icons would be nice too.

  7. I’d like the tabs to offer more of the functionality seen in Shiira’s tabs. Drag and drop arrangement with slightly better spacing. I would also like the option to turn off favicons in the tabs. That’s too much noise for me.

  8. I’m back to Camino and it’s fast and (now) also nice. But I miss a feature from the early beginning of Camino/Chimera: The Bookmarks Drawer! 🙂


  9. I agree with ATL, Bookmarks do not need to take over the entire window. Embedded media performance issues (Flash, Real, etc.) still need to be addressed, maybe moving to Quartz will solve this. Glad to hear the new tabs won’t be implimented right away, maybe we can talk them out of having the close button and favicon on the same side of the tab, looks too busy IMO. Personally, I’d get rid of the close button altogether and make the tab closeable via a middle-click (command-click). And the java embedding plugin being developed in conjunction with Bug 197813 should be bundled with Camino, if possible, when it reaches a sufficient level of stability.

  10. Things I’d like to see:

    1. Fix the favicons so they don’t disappear whenever you force quit Camino or have it unexpectedly quit.

    2. Option to have the downloads window automatically clear itself and/or close itself after a download has completed.

    3. Autofill forms

    4. Better support with flash. Really slow right now.

    Other than those little things, I have no complaints. Camino is nearly perfect, and those new tabs are awesome. Oh, and for the record, I like the Safari-style bookmarks. If you ever change it, maybe give people an option in preferences on which style they want.

  11. Please do whatever is necessary for form-field spellcheck. That’s all I ask.

    Less important, but still cool feature requests include some kind of state-saving mechanism (see OmniWeb for an example of that, but don’t be influenced by their silly tab system), and maybe some kind of dialogue box to prevent users from closing a window when forms have lots of stuff written in them.

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