Responses To Camino Release Plans

Thanks for the comments on Camino’s release plans. Here is what I can say about them…

::The Drawer::

The draw won’t be back any time soon. Our current bookmark UI has problems just like any UI, but the drawer has problems too and I believe they are much worse. On small monitors, it doesn’t make sense space-wise. Its hard to fit all the features users want into a drawer. Not much room to expand. Lots of scrolling. Its more difficult to develop. More people complained about the drawer than people complain about the current setup. I am well aware the some people want a drawer, but we’re committed to our current setup. Even if it was a better idea in the end, the regression caused by dropping our current implementation and moving to a drawer is not acceptable for the minor benefits it might (but doesn’t 🙂 ) offer.

::More Tab Features::

They’re on the way! We had to land the initial massive change, and that allows us to tweak it much more easily.

::Easier Way to View History::

I’m all ears for suggestions on how to do this. Putting session history into the back/forward buttons was a big step for improving history access, but I don’t know of any good plans to further improve the situation without making bad UI mistakes.

::Bookmark Importing Improvements::

We’re working hard on this right now. A couple of good patches have landed in the last few days that improve import integrity, and more are on the way within the next week. We’ve really been focusing on it lately.

::Spell Check::

I wholeheartedly agree that this needs to happen. Somebody is supposedly working on it, but I haven’t seen any code or been given an ETA. All I can say is its on our list of things to do, and near the top. I don’t think we will release 0.9 without it.

::Form Autofill::

Same situation as the above spell check feature, but as far as I know nobody is working on it. However, we are actively making plans for it. Its coming, but I can’t say when. I don’t think we will release 0.9 without it.

::Embedded Media (i.e. plugins)::

We are certainly lacking in this area. Its one of the more difficult components to develop. I’ve looked into it a bit over this last week, but I didn’t actually fix anything. I don’t have much else to say unfortunately. We’re well aware of the problems in this area, and we will hopefully do something about it before 0.9.

Some of these responses aren’t what you were waiting to hear, but please understand that we have very limited resources. You asked good questions and requested tough features (for our limited resources anyway) and you got tough answers. We’re doing the best we can. The other Camino developers have been working really hard lately, and the teamwork and commitment that I’ve seen over the past year is really uplifting. We really do appreciate the time you take to express your thoughts and concerns – and file bugs when you get the chance! Its great to get responses on my blog, but bugzilla is where things really happen.

Camino 0.9 is going to rock, but we need every bit of help we can get!

9 thoughts on “Responses To Camino Release Plans

  1. If there won’t be an option to dock the downloads window, perhaps there could be a hidden pref through the user.js or something to disable the opening of the Downloads window? Or perhaps there is one already taht I need to be educated about?

  2. One step to improve access to the history would be adding a button to the toolbar settings (to be dragged into the bar by users who want this).

  3. I was never a fan of the drawer (Bookmarks menu for opening bookmaks plus some “full-sized, full-featured” “window” for editing operations works well, I think), but the UI of the current “Bookmarks Manager” is terrbily confusing. It “wipes out” all of my current tabs and I have no idea how to get back to them (i.e., no obvious visual clue; I eventually discovered “Back” and “cmd-B” work, but it’s not obvious. Safari is as bad but at least has that permanent widget that toggles and provides visual clues.) Either opening a new tab or new window for the Manager would really help clear this up….

    Off to Bugzilla….

  4. I think OmniWeb has the best method of accessing history; It searches the history from the URL field and displays the results as a menu off the URL field.

    Let’s say you went to a site where you read about some new power saving feature of an upcoming PowerPC chip; if you remembered the site you start typing in the name and the results menu starts whittling down the entries as you continue to type presenting you with matching URLs and page titles.

    That’s nothing new but lets say you don’t remember the site but you remember the subject was about PowerPCs and power savings; you can start typing in power saving or power pc and it’ll whittle it down to only those options that contained those keywords in the title.

    It’s a very slick system that provides the user access to history without actually having to go through a separate history interface.

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  6. I think that a menu item for history would be the best & easiest way to implement it.

    Also, great to see spell check and autofill area tentatively planned for 0.9 – these are two things that make camino not feel OSX like.

  7. Please expand the UI for cookies as well in the 0.9 release. I love the option to downgrade to session cookies, which I can’t find in 0.8.1

  8. I’d like to be able to save a set of cookies (I think those are the only ones that matter) that will always be saved when I quit. So I might want to save login information for certain web sites, but I don’t want all the ad cookies and etc.

    I also agree that history should be in its own menu.

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