Camino Users are Awesome

I posted an entry saying that we need help writing/editing content for the new Camino project website at 5 AM this morning. Then I went to bed until noon, and when I woke up I had more than 10 enthusiastic offers to help out! Right now, 20 hours after the post, I have more than 25 enthusiastic responses. Amazing! You guys are awesome!

The best part is the diversity in the group of people who responeded – students, professors, grandmothers, technical writers, and journalists. Mind boggling. This new website is going to be great.

Now I need to coordinate the work đŸ™‚ I will figure out how to coordinate the writing with our website guru (Jasper Hauser) and send out emails to everyone when a plan is made. Perhaps we can organize a documentation team made up of those that can make a longer-term commitment, and those that can’t make a longer-term commitment can just help with the original website content development. It would be great to have a group of people willing to take charge of maintaining Camino’s website content and support documentation. With enough members and sufficient organization, being a member of the team wouldn’t be too much of a burden on any single individual.

I think support and marketing documentation will play a very important role in Camino’s future. In the past, we just haven’t had the time, resources, or organization to give it the treatment it deserves. With your help we can change that. Thank you thank you thank you!

2 thoughts on “Camino Users are Awesome

  1. Hey, I made a post on netscape.public.mozilla.documentation, but I have started on some end-user documentation for Camino, including screenshots, common english terms, and step-by-step instructions for beginning to intermediate Mac OS X users. If you’re interested let me know, I can send you what i have so far. And if you’d be interested in distributing it with the Camino project, I’ll finish it. I have experience in technical writing, but i’m trying to gain more experience in writing end user (beginner to intermediate) documentation. Thanks!!!

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