Mac 360 Switched

Tera Patricks: Why I Dumped Safari And Firefox. My New Browser.

I’ve never heard of Mac 360 before, but we’ll take all the coverage we can get!

Anybody know of other “reviews,” good or bad?

Update: Fixed the name of the reviewer. As Daniel Glazman pointed out, the review is by Tera Patricks (with an “s” on the end), not Tera Patrick (with no “s”), who is apparently a porn star.

4 thoughts on “Mac 360 Switched

  1. Camino 0.8 is slightly faster than Firefox 1.0. on my G4 running 10.3.5.

    This observation is based on a low-tech empirical survey of the rendering of two heavy-loading sports related websites, and Margins were small, but Camino came on top! The findings of the study supported a hunch that this might indeed be the case.

  2. Thanx for fixing the name. Being a Mac user in a Windows world is a challenge. Being equated as a Mac-loving Porn Star Queen carries other issues.

    Mac360 has done a number of articles on browsers and email. I used Camino back when it was Chimera and before that (I forget the name) and was always impressed. This latest version is sweet.

    Shortly after I wrote the article on Camino it began crashing hard while viewing Urchin log (very heavy javascript) reports. Go figure.


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