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Giles Turnbull, O’Reilly Developer WeblogsCh-Ch-ch-changes – see the bottom half of the article.

“… Camino’s rock-solid performance outweighs anything it lacks when compared to Firefox. It doesn’t only Just Work, it also Always Works, and for me that’s the most important feature of all.”

MacUser UK LabsCamino 0.8

“We have little complaint about Camino. It renders pages well and quickly, and the interface feels logical and professional. It doesn’t offer the web designer-pleasing extras found in some of the other browsers, but it does do its key job very well.”

John Rizzo, CNETCamino, CNET Editor’s Take

“… Camino is one of the more popular and appealing Mac Web browsers, sporting a well-crafted Cocoa interface. Camino also offers the best implementation of tabbed browsing, one that is elegant and more straightforward than Safari’s. (Safari’s tabs appear to be upside down, and the color scheme makes it hard to tell which is the active tab.) We also love Camino’s tab sets, which load multiple tabs simultaneously with the single click of an icon in the Bookmarks toolbar. Camino offers superior bookmark handling: click the sidebar button to display a tray with bookmarks and histories. This is a much more compact display than Safari’s full-page bookmark mode, and it’s easier to use than IE’s sidebar.”

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  1. I can’t get people to switch to Camino because they’ll miss Firefox’s extensions, and frankly, that’s why I don’t use Seamonkey. I missed Firefox’s extensions, customizeable toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts. I use Windows (for now. I can’t seem to get anyone to send me a Knoppix CD. Maybe someday. . . .).

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