Rilo Kiley Rocks!

I just got back from seeing Rilo Kiley! They are simply amazing and Jenny Lewis is so cute! The show was really well done, though at times it was hard to hear all of the incredible instrument sounds that come through on their albums. If you’ve never heard Rilo Kiley before, I highly recommend picking up their album “The Execution Of All Things” ASAP. They have other albums, but that is the best place to start. Riley Kiley’s band members play in lots of other great groups: Jenny Lewis sang for The Postal Service, Jason Boesel recorded with Bright Eyes, and Blake Sennett is the lead singer for The Elected.

A band called “Now Its Overhead” opened for Rilo Kiley, and they were pretty excellent too. I’ve never heard of them before tonight, so it was a pleasant surprise.

4 thoughts on “Rilo Kiley Rocks!

  1. Rilo Kiley are so awesome.

    I’d go so far as to recommend picking up everything they’ve released – including the no longer available Initial Friend EP. If you haven’t got it I can give you some mp3s. I can’t feel too guilty sharing out of print music.

  2. I completely agree! I *just* saw them in Seattle this weekend and they were absolutely amazing. Jenny Lewis is the closest thing to an idol I’ve ever had. And I fully agree about Now It’s Overhead. That small group from GA (?) was fairly well polished. I can’t say the same for the opening group, however (Tilly and the Wall). I’d also add that anyone that just wants to trial their music, go download the live MP3s from (an unofficial site).

    Ian: email me, I want those MP3s. 😉 (max [dot] ruderburg [at] gmail [dot] com

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