Camino Progress

Watch for Camino 0.8.2… it should be out some time in the next 2 weeks. It will include some important fixes to bookmark importing and keyboard shortcuts. As usual, this minor release will also include some rendering engine tuning.

Camino 0.9 (trunk development) is coming along nicely. The 0.9 to-do list is still pretty long, but it is finally shrinking steadily. I wish I had more time to work on it than I do!

As for the new content team, it has finally come together. A handful of people offered to help lead the team, and of that group Daniel Andrews and Mark Gardner were selected. I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everybody who offered to lead and participate in other capacities – it was a great show of support that is greatly appreciated by everyone working on Camino. If you offered to help and didn’t get a response from me, the reason is that I’m still working on setting up a mailing list to communicate and coordinate things more efficiently. When I’ve done that, I will send a message to everyone regarding team organization and participation. Or rather, the new content team leaders will do that 🙂

4 thoughts on “Camino Progress

  1. this sucks. If the menu is not showing when the browser starts up, when the menu bar is shown later on, half the menus don’t exist

  2. Is the next release going to get rid of those extremely annoying dotted lines that show around a text or image link when you click on them? I’ve been downloading the latest nightlies and this problem continues to plague them. I love the Camino browsing experience, but those dotted lines make it not nearly as good as it could be.

  3. Aaron:

    Quit Camino, then edit (or create, if it doesn’t exist) the file user.js in ~/Library/Application Support/Camino to include the line

    user_pref(“browser.display.focus_ring_width”, 0);

    then launch Camino, focus rings should be all gone.

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