Camino Content Team Mailing List

We finally have a mailing list for content team coordination and communication. If you want to help out, please subscribe. If you already sent mail to me saying that you are willing to help, you will probably get an email from our intrepid content team leaders about the list and team organization. If you won’t/don’t get such an email, just join the list to get in on the action.

Thanks for all of your support in making this team come together! I am quite sure that it will play a big role in Camino’s future success by performing its extremely important function and easing the burden on people who need to be doing other things.

3 thoughts on “Camino Content Team Mailing List

  1. “How could I help?”

    That depends on what you do – if you want to help write content for our documentation and website then sign up on the mailing list listed above. On that list you will see plenty of ways to help. If you’re looking to help in other ways, join Camino’s IRC channel ( #camino) and talk to us. Thanks!

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