10/20/04 Camino Progress Report

Landed the following patches today:

FIXED 257281 – add browser reset functionality (patch by Josh Aas)
FIXED 243249 – “Number of Visits” doesn’t update live in bookmark info Status tab (patch by Dave Haas)
FIXED 232094 – Send Link and Find Previous menu items need to be “dimmed” when no window is opened (patch by Julian Pellico)
FIXED 241093 – Icon in preferences dialog for current category should appear selected (patch by Julian Pellico)

2 thoughts on “10/20/04 Camino Progress Report

  1. Hi,
    I’m the developper of Camino ExtraPrefs. What has changed regarding “FIXED 241093”? With CEP installed I get the ‘old’ look of the preference pane and the toolbar of the preference pane doesn’t react on clicking.
    The format of the two plist files inside Resources doesn’t seem to have changed.
    Do you have any information so that I could update my tool?


  2. OK, I found what broke my tool.
    I’ve just released a new version of CEP that works with the latest nightlies, too.


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