Bjork’s New Video

I highly recommend heading over to the iTunes Music Store and watching the new Bjork video. Its great – I haven’t smiled and laughed so much over a music video in a long time. The setup for the video is basically one big excuse for Bjork to functionally smack herself (you’ll see what I mean) – exactly the sort of “creative thinking” that got my attention years ago but even better this time around!

Update: I’m talking about the video for the song “Who Is It”…

5 thoughts on “Bjork’s New Video

  1. This song and the clip that comes with it are examples why I love so much to be creative. Bjork is a genius in my view, this song almost get’s me on my knees it’s so incredibly beautifull. And the clip has some many funny little things aswell a look stunning. In envy Bjorks team of people that surround here and that allow here to create such master pieces. Awesome.

    The beat you here is a beat boxer (a human being) who did it live in one take. The thing with her music is that it sounds so machinical but in reality it all consists of live samplings.

  2. in case someone cares: you can download the itms videos (i’m currently downloading the bjrk video) – needs a little “research” though 😉

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