10/27/04 Camino Progress Report

The following patches have landed since my last progress report on 10/20/04:

FIXED 229930 – Add toolbar button for showing download manager (patch by Josh Aas, icon by Jasper Hauser)
NO BUG – Various build-related fixes (patches by Mike Pinkerton)
FIXED 257491 – clear memory cache as well as disk cache from prefs, re-word interface accordingly (patch by Josh Aas)
FIXED 231337 – clean out some code left over from classic Mac OS that still gets compiled (patch by Josh Aas)

Other things that have been happening this week:

– I’ve started rewriting Camino’s keychain access code using the new Keychain Services API. Hopefully this will fix a few existing keychain integration bugs and not introduce too many new ones 🙂
– I’ve started looking into Javier Pedemonte’s patch (see bug 245407) for drawing images with Quartz (as opposed to Quickdraw). Looks promising, though there is at least one major issue that still needs to be resolved.
– Camino web badges are on the way thanks to Jasper Hauser and Jon Hicks.

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