You know you’re a nerd…

when you are constantly trying to give MS Word vi commands. Far too often I have to clean out “:w” and “:wq” sequences. I hate reaching for the mouse and the only thing I use control keys for normally is ctrl-c and ctrl-d. Arg. A similar habit is typing “printk” when I mean “printf” (printk is the Linux kernel’s equivalint to printf).

11/27/04 Camino Progress Report

Camino-specific bugs fixed since last progress report on 11/10/04…

FIXED 201898 – too easy to accidently drag Toolbar Bookmark folders
FIXED 269128 – two bookmarks in default set are missing/changed
FIXED 238250 – disable view source while in Bookmarks manager
FIXED 265503 – firefox bookmark importing fixes
FIXED 246738 – confirm when removing all cookies
FIXED 210724 – remove pref ui for disbling plugins as it has some major problems (specifically with js)
FIXED 248720 – tabs do not change properly to reflect a new tab set
FIXED 158180 – Appearance section should have default button
FIXED 181720 – remember state of prefs window while application is running
FIXED 268441 – Implement network.protocol-handler.external… prefs (no GUI)
FIXED NO BUG – add “Empty Cache” item to camino menu that just empties the cache, nothing more
FIXED 174822 – add “open in tabs” to folders in menu

Rap Lyrics

Rap often gets a bad rap (pun intended!) on account of its lyrics. For sure, the verbal boldness that the genre has engendered makes for some questionable content, but it also allows for making some great statements that are less commonly found in other genres. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap/hip-hop over the past couple days of paper writing, and here is a quick list of some rappers and rap groups that have particularly great lyrics (for the most part).

– Aesop Rock (check out “No Regrets”)
– Dead Prez (check out “Propaganda”)
– Jurassic 5 (check out “Freedom” and “Concrete Streets”)
– Talib Qweli (check out “I Try”)
– Blackalicious (check out “Deception”)
– Bubba Sparxxx (check out “Deliverance” and “Nowhere”)
– The Streets (check out “It’s Too Late”)
– The Coup (check out “Wear Clean Drawers” and “Ride the Fence”)
– Jay-Z (check out “My 1st Song” and “December 4th”)
– Digable Planets (check out “Where I’m From”)
Hieroglyphics (check out “You Never Knew”)

iTunes Publisher Maintainer

A few years ago I wrote a program called iTunes Publisher, and this year I made it open source (GPL). It was (is?) a pretty popular program (Allume Systems, formerly Aladdin Systems licensed it from me), and I still get quite a bit of email about it. I don’t have time time to maintain it any more, so nothing has been done with it since I stopped development about 8 months ago. If anyone wants to take over development that would be great. Shoot me an email at josha [at]


I saw the Pixies last night – incredible. They are as thoroughly awesome on stage as they are on CD. They’re sort of a funny bunch because the presentation doesn’t match the music much, but not in a bad way. If you can snag a ticket before the end of their tour, I would highly recommend doing so whatever the cost. If you can’t, go pick up a CD. Doolittle and Surfer Rosa are my favorites.

11/10/04 Camino Progress Report

Bugs fixed since last progress report on 10/27/04…

FIXED 258902 – add support for importing Omniweb 5 bookmarks
FIXED 197253 – add midas support to Camino
FIXED 171852 – fixed the fact that you cannot drop dragged bookmark between two folders on bookmarks toolbar. Also fixes issue where dropping a bookmark back in its old position sends it to the end of the list.
FIXED NO BUG – Updated all nib files to 10.2+ format
FIXED 239275 – don’t fire an onchange event when selecting the same option that is already selected in a menu
FIXED 247919 – add support for wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride hidden pref
FIXED 204237 – disabled form elements don’t have aqua appearance
FIXED 262780 – localize cookie editor yes/no values
FIXED 267590 – don’t try to open bookmark separators as bookmarks when opening a bm folder
FIXED 243376 – Dragging local file onto tab gives error message and fails
FIXED 183932 – New install two default fonts missing
FIXED 250386 – Camino should look for user defined earchURLList.plist first before using the default list
FIXED 266356 – “Add Separator” button shoudn’t be enabled in history view

Nov. 9, 2004 – A Great Day

The hype about Firefox 1.0’s release tomorrow is everywhere, and for good reason. This is a BIG DEAL (TM) for the open source movement and the millions of end-users who will find out that the web doesn’t need to be the immature, unpleasant, and scary place that Microsoft and some other corporations so often make it.

Congratulations to the whole community of developers, non-coding contributors, and users that made this possible! All of you are amazing – thank you!