Day at Mozilla Foundation

I’m at Mozilla Foundation in Mountain View CA today, and I’m getting a lot done. I’ve checked in a bunch of patches since I got here. I’ve fixed a couple other bugs and got them set up for review. Details to come in a status report this weekend. On top of those things I have a better plan of what I’m going to do for moving more core Mac code (stuff shared between Firefox, the app suite, and embedders like Camino) to the Cocoa API.

Aside from the coding aspect of my visit, I’ve met quite a bit of the crew. Highly skilled, diligent, and as studly as you imagined (so many times), these folks works hard all day long to bring you the web experience you have come to know and loved through products such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and of course Camino.

Its been a great day so far and I still have a few hours left to get stuff done!

4 thoughts on “Day at Mozilla Foundation

  1. As a Mozilla user and programmer, I gotta say that I’d love to one day have the chance to meet and talk to some of the Mozilla developers face to face and congratulate them for the amazing work they’ve done.

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