11/10/04 Camino Progress Report

Bugs fixed since last progress report on 10/27/04…

FIXED 258902 – add support for importing Omniweb 5 bookmarks
FIXED 197253 – add midas support to Camino
FIXED 171852 – fixed the fact that you cannot drop dragged bookmark between two folders on bookmarks toolbar. Also fixes issue where dropping a bookmark back in its old position sends it to the end of the list.
FIXED NO BUG – Updated all nib files to 10.2+ format
FIXED 239275 – don’t fire an onchange event when selecting the same option that is already selected in a menu
FIXED 247919 – add support for wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride hidden pref
FIXED 204237 – disabled form elements don’t have aqua appearance
FIXED 262780 – localize cookie editor yes/no values
FIXED 267590 – don’t try to open bookmark separators as bookmarks when opening a bm folder
FIXED 243376 – Dragging local file onto tab gives error message and fails
FIXED 183932 – New install two default fonts missing
FIXED 250386 – Camino should look for user defined earchURLList.plist first before using the default list
FIXED 266356 – “Add Separator” button shoudn’t be enabled in history view

4 thoughts on “11/10/04 Camino Progress Report

  1. Are all of these checked in and usable in nightly builds yet? I’ve been using one of Ludovic’s builds with midas support while awaiting it to be checked in, but I’m anxious to move back to the official nightlies…

  2. Please refrain from referring to the rich text api support as “Midas”. Our company, Genii Software, has trademarked the the term “Midas Rich Text” in connection with our line of rich text editing products, and the people at Mozilla, specifically Mitchell Baker and Christopher Blizzard, have graciously agreed to stop using the term and remove it from the Mozilla documentation. Please do not use this any more, as we are a small company and this is causing confusion in the market for us.

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