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Rap often gets a bad rap (pun intended!) on account of its lyrics. For sure, the verbal boldness that the genre has engendered makes for some questionable content, but it also allows for making some great statements that are less commonly found in other genres. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap/hip-hop over the past couple days of paper writing, and here is a quick list of some rappers and rap groups that have particularly great lyrics (for the most part).

– Aesop Rock (check out “No Regrets”)
– Dead Prez (check out “Propaganda”)
– Jurassic 5 (check out “Freedom” and “Concrete Streets”)
– Talib Qweli (check out “I Try”)
– Blackalicious (check out “Deception”)
– Bubba Sparxxx (check out “Deliverance” and “Nowhere”)
– The Streets (check out “It’s Too Late”)
– The Coup (check out “Wear Clean Drawers” and “Ride the Fence”)
– Jay-Z (check out “My 1st Song” and “December 4th”)
– Digable Planets (check out “Where I’m From”)
Hieroglyphics (check out “You Never Knew”)

7 thoughts on “Rap Lyrics

  1. Verbal boldness? Nay,sir, it’s downright garbage. Vulgar, chauvinistic, expicitly demeaning. Espousing violence, paricularly and whites and law enforcement gets a nominal “verbal boldness”? Totally lacking in vocabulary and grammatical correctness, simplistic in its approach to a fault.

    Check out what Dr. Bill Cosby has to say. He’s right on target.

  2. Lou,

    Generalizing the way you did makes you sound extremely ignorant. I’m guessing you don’t listen to much rap, which means you are commenting about something you don’t know much or anything about. If that is the case, you should probably keep it to yourself because you’re not helping others or the way they percieve you by spewing such crap.

    Reminder #1: Don’t talk about things you know little or nothing about.

    Reminder #2: Not everything the media and cultural/religious leaders (including Bill Cosby) say is true. Think for yourself (and maybe do some research!). When you are done thinking and researching for yourself, then I’ll be happy to listen to you.

    There is a lot of crappy rap. But my point is there is a lot of good stuff too. The world isn’t black and white. Don’t be a simpleton. Comments like that are costing us our country.


  3. i been rappin for 19 years na mean. people say my lyrics are wrong. but i think as a rapper you have to sing what you feel if that means making weird rhymes i dont care if u know what im sayin.

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