11/27/04 Camino Progress Report

Camino-specific bugs fixed since last progress report on 11/10/04…

FIXED 201898 – too easy to accidently drag Toolbar Bookmark folders
FIXED 269128 – two bookmarks in default set are missing/changed
FIXED 238250 – disable view source while in Bookmarks manager
FIXED 265503 – firefox bookmark importing fixes
FIXED 246738 – confirm when removing all cookies
FIXED 210724 – remove pref ui for disbling plugins as it has some major problems (specifically with js)
FIXED 248720 – tabs do not change properly to reflect a new tab set
FIXED 158180 – Appearance section should have default button
FIXED 181720 – remember state of prefs window while application is running
FIXED 268441 – Implement network.protocol-handler.external… prefs (no GUI)
FIXED NO BUG – add “Empty Cache” item to camino menu that just empties the cache, nothing more
FIXED 174822 – add “open in tabs” to folders in menu

4 thoughts on “11/27/04 Camino Progress Report

  1. I just d/l’d Pink’s latest .82 candidate… First – Thank You! for the new “open in tabs” offering! However, the new tab widgets in this build have reverted to the old system style of tabs. Is this just an oversight, or are the old tabs to be intended for the .82 release?

  2. Old tabs will persist through the for 0.8.x series, which are mostly security updates and small bugfixes. The new tabs are a *big* new feature–and have several bugs filed on them already, as big new features often do 🙂

    It’s very exciting to see a bug you’ve filed (however small) show up as fixed! Perhaps one day I can even graduate to helping fix them.

    Thanks, Josh, for another great progress update!

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