Post-Finals Camino Updates

After I finished finals I destressed with some Camino coding. I landed the first part of my prefs reorganization, moving download and tab prefs into their own panes. I also added a download manager autoclose pref. I fixed a few other bugs too, which I’ll write about in the next status update. Camino development is picking up again after a two week lull… I will be spending a ton of time on Camino during the rest of December, and if you’ve ever wanted to help out I’ll be in #camino and happy to help you get started. 0.9 is gonna rock.

8 thoughts on “Post-Finals Camino Updates

  1. Assuming you meant Josh and not John… no – I don’t know of an RSS feed. But I set something like that up for Jasper Hauser at one point – might ask him. I don’t even really know what an RSS feed is (I know what it DOES, but not how it does it).

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