Album of the Year?

While I was on my 5 hour drive back to St. Paul (MN) from Madison (WI) today, I was thinking about music in 2004. I concluded that I think the best album released this year is Talib Kweli’s The Beautiful Struggle, with Green Day’s American Idiot coming in an extremely close second. The Beautiful Struggle is a masterpiece – it’s skillfully crafted, tactful, inspirational, beautiful, and all-around amazing. Talib Kweli has incredible lyrics and impeccable style. Green Day, back from the dead, has really grown up since their last album. American Idiot is the album I always suspected Green Day was capable of but never expected them to actually make. The album is a rock opera, with insightful social commentary and an amazing, mature sound. Last year’s overwhelming winner according to me was Jay-Z’s The Black Album. What do you think is the best album of 2004?

2 thoughts on “Album of the Year?

  1. Probably:

    Elliott Smith → From a Basement on the Hill

    Here are some other albums I really liked in 2004:

    Local H → Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?
    Grant Lee Phillips → Virginia Creeper
    Maritime → Glass Floor
    Wilco → A Ghost Is Born
    Mike O’ Neil → The Owl
    Howie Beck → Howie Beck
    Feist → Let It Die
    Sarah Harmer → All Of Our Names
    Destroyer → Your Blues
    Modest Mouse → Good News…
    Ted Leo & the Pharmacists → Shake the Sheets
    Badly Drawn Boy → One Plus One Is One
    The Magnetic Fields → i
    Hayden → Elk-Lake Serenade
    Ron Sexsmith → Retriever

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