1/30/05 Camino Progress Report

Its been a long time since I made a progress report, and I’ve got lots to say. January was a great month! I’m going to do this in a more summarized way than I normally do since there is more for me to write than I have time for.

Preferences reorganization – A lot of work has gone into reorganizing, cleaning up, and fleshing out Camino’s preferences. There is more to be done, but they are looking much better! Instead of having a “Show all” setup, the default is not the “General” pane, which used to be called “Navigation.” Lots of the unweidly tabs setups in preference panes have been broken up, resulting in some all-new preferences panes. In general, preferences are more convenient and they look better. Also, there were some nasty crasher bugs in the prefs that have been fixed.

History rewrite – Simon Fraser landed a major rewrite of our history code. Not only is it faster, but it includes live searching, a nice update to the bookmark manager UI, bookmark and history sorting, and a bunch of other great stuff.

Address Book integration – we now have much better contextual menus for mailto: links, including an option to copy the email address and an option to add it to the address book. If the address is already in the address book, we offer to open the record.

Bookmark bar fixes – some aesthetic and drawing problems with the bookmark bar were fixed.

.webloc and .url file support – Lots of fixes for handling .webloc and .url files were made. Opening such files via drag-n-drop no longer opens a blank window. It is now possible to open such files with the “Open” menu command.

Code cleanup – lots of old, unused code was cleaned out. This includes the inactive code for our old bookmark drawer, broken bookmark detection, and some Carbon-build specific code.

Bug 166694 – local file names are now decoded before they are suggested in the save panel.

Bug 272389 – we now allow JavaScript popups if they are bookmarks. This was a regression from some changes to Mozilla’s popup blocking code.

Bug 279844 – make sure that background tabs are sized correctly on creation and URL load, so that a later resize on show doesn’t mess with the scroll position.

Bug 277928 – fixed a crash on quit when there is an active download.

Miscellaneous fixes – Lots of smaller fixes have gone in since my last progress report. There are way too many for me to get into here.

4 thoughts on “1/30/05 Camino Progress Report

  1. Josh, thanks for the update! The last weeks have really been super-productive – camino is making great strides forward.

    OT: I’ve got one minor quibble regarding the coding of your blog – it seems you haven’t coded relative sizes at least for your banner div. Since the default text size of your blog is quite tiny for my weary eyes I have to resize this page in Camino. When I do this the “Boom Swagger Boom” text overlaps with the beginning of the content div, which is not so nice to see.
    Of course, relative sizes are a Good Thing in general: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10-CSS-TECHS/#units – W3C recommendation for sizes

  2. WRT the div tag and text sizes, I’m just using a default template from movable type. If I ever dig into it more I’ll try to fix the problem.

  3. I would be very grateful if you would include the keyboard shortcut “Command + 0” to bring text size back to 100% in the next build of Camino. I am legally blind and although I must enlarge text to outrageous proportions in order to read it properly being able to resize text to it’s proper proportions instantly is invaluable for navigation. I have seen this same feature in both Mozilla and Firefox and was wondering if you could implement it in Camino as well. Thanks for reading Tom.

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