Macalester College Making Firefox Default

I’m writing this blog entry from my college’s Library computer lab, where it appears that Firefox has been made the official default browser on all machines. There aren’t any IE icons on the desktop or in the start menu. Smart move Macalester IT.

3 thoughts on “Macalester College Making Firefox Default

  1. The lab I was in had about 20 PCs, but assuming this is a campuswide trend (which I haven’t checked on), that would be about 500 PCs ballpark.

  2. A smarter move might be to eliminate Windows alltogether, not just IE. While a student at Macalester, I saw the public Macs dwindle, to be replaced by cheaper (purchase price, anyway) PCs. Everyone was happy, ecxcept the IT staff which initially pushed for a PC-only environment. They suddently had a lot of extra work to do. Security problems, technical glitches…hmm. I like FireFox, sure (at least it has tabbed browsing and is less vulberable to hijacking, and lets me make more choices about cookies and general security). Certainly it beats IE on a WinPC, when I have to use one. But I like Safari (kissing cousin of FireFox, with Apple touches) on a G5 more (though Safari could be more cusomizable).

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