What’s up with feedhouse.mozillazine.org and my blog?

For some reason, feedhouse.mozillazine.org dredges up old posts from my blog and posts them as if they are new. According to someone in a forum, my blog entry modification dates are getting bumped. However, I’m not actually modifying anything. If anyone knows what is going on and is willing to enlighten me, that would be great.


And for your enjoyment here is Ann Coulter making an ass of herself.

6 thoughts on “What’s up with feedhouse.mozillazine.org and my blog?

  1. Same happened with Mitchell Baker’s blog.

    For some reason, your feed gets bumped whenever someone adds a comment to an old entry.

    I’ll notify kerz if i find him (or maybe you can)

  2. something like this sort of happens with Chris Blizzards blog also.
    I get his 2004 entries a year ahead of time.

  3. Yeah, the posts are getting marked modified at the time someone adds a new comment. Which is especially annoying when the new comment is spam 🙂

    I think Chris Blizzard’s issue might be different. I think somehow that one is getting pulled up by feedhouse because it’s not checking the post year, not because the posts are marked newly modified.

    Hard to debug all this stuff as an outside user. Good luck getting it fixed; it’s been really annoying me, but it’s obviously not your fault, so…

  4. The Ann Coulter thing is pretty funny, but what I thought after watching it was “If she had been right would anyone had ever seen that?”

    She is an ass (a hot one, but that’s irrelevant) but I always take it with a grain of salt when the person who made the tape shows the the world a clip of himself being right. How many times was she right that they disagreed? No one knows.

    On the other hand she is more than a little misinformed.

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