A Reminder to Ride Your Bike

I’ve had a car for most of the time since I turned 16, which is about 5 years. I am guilty of unecessarily driving it quite often, wasting gas and polluting the air much more than is necessary. Tonight I spent some time thinking about that problem, and I’ve made reminders to ride my bike whenever possible. I’m also going to do some more research on the public transportation available in my area so I can use that as another alternative to driving my own car. I hope I can do better, and I hope you’ll consider making an effort to do the same! It’ll be good for all of us.

7 thoughts on “A Reminder to Ride Your Bike

  1. When its not insanely cold, I might think about this. Less easy with kids, of course. Too many justifications, and everything is uphill from here. 😉

  2. Cold? Bah!

    I biked to and from classes at MIT every single day of the year except for the week before and the week after the big Boston snowstorm (flat tire, and I never managed to get around to patching the tire so I could ride it then) — cold is for the weak! 😉

  3. Jeff,

    I grew up near Toronto and rode my bike all winter long for several years…also lived in Belleville, Thunder Bay, Whistler and Whitehorse, Yukon and did the same thing. Get some spikes, fenders and some big mitts and you’re good to go.


  4. Josh –

    I don’t think you’ve met me, but I graduated from Macalester in May 2004 and wanted to congratulate you on your employment at Mozilla! That’s fucking fantastic!

    I’m a fellow Mac user, a math and computer science major. I opted to comment on this post because I commute by bike to work as a teaching assistant in special ed at Highland Park (about 5 miles) every day. Not quite as glorious as your job, but I think it suits me, and I’m happy there.

    Good luck with the new job!

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