Good News

I’m really happy to announce that as of tonight I am a Mozilla Foundation employee. I don’t have much more to say at the moment, but I’m really excited about this. Mozilla Foundation is making more of a commitment to Mac OS X, so hopefully there will be some really good things happening on the platform in the near future.

There are a lot of people that helped me along this path, and I’m very thankful to all of them. I’m not even going to try to make a list here. I’ll write more when I have had time to collect my thoughts!

23 thoughts on “Good News

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  2. woot! thats great news! Os X support is pathetic at most for Mozilla. Cept for pinky 😉

    Firefox’s non native interface is weak, and slow, and non competitive. I’d love to see more support put into Camino and making it the firefox of Os X.thats what i’ve always seen it as. Althought when firefox was first released, i called it the Chimera for windows 🙂

    Lets get some of those great firefox plugins working in a native cocoa gui with Camino. Its a strong app already, it just needs some TLC.

  3. Nice one. Congrats. I’m sure it will be a pleasent experience for both parties and we as endusers are very much looking forward to the result of this co-op.

  4. I badly speak english, but, congratulations!

    I like Camino, and I hope that I will like the new firefOX (or FireCamino?)

  5. übercongrats, josh! maybe now’s the time to apply at sgi – someone has to drink that espresso and keep the ping-pong table warm!

    oh, and code. right. work.



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