Goodbye SGI

As I am now employed by Mozilla Foundation, I resigned from SGI on Saturday (a few months earlier than I had planned to leave). It was a quick transition – I’ve already cleaned out my office there and turned in my security badge.

My time at SGI was wonderful. The people, the work, and the environment there in general are superb. It felt great to work on products that I really believed were of the highest quality and very innovative. Most of the time I worked on core system software (the lower level stuff in SuSE and Red Hat Linux) and the Linux kernel, and I will miss working on those things. Hopefully I’ll have enough spare time to continue working on some of it. Fascinating stuff.

Two days before I left there was a round of layoffs at SGI, and that is always tough. It was especially tough to have it happen to my coworkers. Its feels even worse to hear about it when it hits so close to home. I am incredibly fortunate to have a great new job, and I wish the best to the amazing people that were laid off.