Crash log needed on bug 265845

It would be great if somebody could reproduce bug 265845 with Camino and post a crash log (stack trace, whatever) on the bug. Don’t paste it, please, make it an attachment. None of us developers print labels very often. Too bad Pinkerton’s girlfriend isn’t more dev savvy…

I’m going to try not to make a habit of asking for help like this on my blog, but for the sake of getting 0.9 out the door faster…

PC Laptop

I inherited Asa‘s Fujitsu Lifebook today for cross-platform work. It’ll be helpful to have a box around for testing code on Windows. That, and I’ve heard so many good things about Windows that I’m dying to try it… 😉

Samuel Sidler

Recently, Samuel Sidler started helping out the Camino project by doing a lot of the work on our new website. He stepped in and took charge of different tasks on his own initiative, which is exactly what we need. It’s great to see new people getting involved! Samuel’s work is a perfect example of how non-coders can contribute in very significant ways. Thanks Samuel! Good to have you on board.

Another Cool Thing About Camino’s New Website

Camino’s new website has a community section with a weblog devoted to informing people about what is going on with Camino development. Traditionally such information was transmitted through my weblog and Mike Pinkerton’s, but the weblog on the Camino site seems to be a good opportunity for centralizing the information. If you’re interested in Camino development, you should check there for information. That said, if there is anything you would like to know please don’t hesitate to ask for info in the comments for this weblog (there is no comment system on the Camino website’s weblog) or on the Camino mailing list. I’ll do my best to answer them on the Camino website’s weblog and/or here. People don’t always get the information they really want when its left up to Mike and I to guess what people want to hear about.

Newsflash: Camino is fast!

Nowadays I use Firefox for most of my regular browsing. I do this for two reasons: 1) because I work on it and 2) it has RSS support, which is a feature I have totally fallen in love with. I can’t wait until I have time to add RSS support to Camino, though first I’ll have to convince Mike that its a good feature to have.

For about a week or two after I started using Firefox, I didn’t use Camino at all, for anything. But then I added it back to my dock and started using it again occasionally for a reason I never would have guessed – its really fast!

When I want to look at a website quickly (or maybe some local HTML documentation) and I don’t already have a web browser open, I hate waiting for Firefox to launch. Its launch time on the Mac is pretty damned slow compared to other similar-sized applications. Camino launches almost immediately for me, in less than one dock bounce. Its even faster than Safari. Furthermore, once Camino has launched, its UI is responsive almost immediately (unlike Firefox’s UI, which has a small delay), and pages load really quickly (Firefox is pretty fast in this respect, but it’s not as fast as Camino by a fairly large margin, IMHO). For the record, I use my own builds of Camino, which are pretty much the same as recent nightly builds. Your mileage my vary, especially if you are using an 0.8.x release. I should also note that once Firefox is fired up and ready to go, its speed deficit is not usually noticeable and features such as RSS support allow me to complete by browsing tasks in much less time overall.

Its nice to suddenly notice a really great aspect of Camino. I guess I took the speed for granted when I used it all the time and had little to compare it to. This realization has also made making Firefox launch faster a higher priority for me. I’d say it is one of Firefox’s biggest problems at the moment.

Camino 0.9 Progress

By making some tough calls (no form autofill in 0.9) and fixing a bunch of bugs, we are down to 35 bugs blocking an 0.9 release. We’ll be down some more by the end of the day.

At this point we could really use some bug triage help. If people could go over Camino bugs and set the 0.9 blocker request flag on any that look critical (we have such a flag in bugzilla now), that would be great. We don’t want to miss any critical issues.

We also need help confirming unconfirmed bugs, getting rid of dupes, and organizing our bugs in general. We only have about 550 open bugs, so if we had a few helpers, giving everything a look is a do-able task.

If you’re feeling bad about features that won’t make it into 0.9, giving the developers grief isn’t going to help the situation. We want to implement features, but its easy to want and hard to come up with patches. We need to release, and once that is done we can go back to implementing great new stuff like form autofill, maybe RSS support, Quartz rendering, form spell checking…

That said, 0.9 will be packed with good stuff. Among other things, it will include a much improved bookmark manager with live search, awesome new tabs, tons of bug fixes, MIDAS rich text editing, browser reset, a newer version of the Gecko rendering engine, and a cleaned up UI.

Spring Break!

Its spring break time, and though I’m not sure “break” is the right word for it, I’m enjoying myself. I’m finally getting caught up on lots of paperwork, house cleaning, emailing, and cooking.

Yesterday I bought the new Bright Eyes album “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn,” and its awesome. Bright Eyes got boring over the past few years because he has always sounded exactly the same, but Digital Ash in a Digital Urn is a great new twist.

On Monday Kristin and I watched I [heart] Huckabees. Its a pretty weird movie, but fun in its quirky ways. Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) is a hilarious disillusioned guy on an existentialist quest. He gets really pissed at people for not caring about the world’s oil problems, which is how I feel all the time about our meat-eating problems. Both are so bad for the environment and our lives! Arg! That said, it wasn’t the killer movie I was hoping for.

If you’re in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, you should check out Ecopolitan. I ate there last week with some friends and it was amazing. We got red avocado pizza with buckwheat crust, Macademia Alfredo with fresh zucchini noodles, and a raw peeled coconut for dessert. All vegan!

My goals for the rest of break are to work on some of the Firefox and Camino bugs in my queue, go swimming a bunch, and write more of my English capstone. The latter task is getting me a bit stressed as I’m running out of time and I have the bulk of a 30 page paper remaining. When that is done, I can finally devote almost all of my working day to stuff. I can’t wait.