Camino 0.9 Release Plans

Mike Pinkerton, Geoff Beier and I met in person to work on Camino all day today. We got a lot of great stuff done, including a release plan for 0.9. We intend to do a beta on April 10th, and put out a release candidate on April 30th. We will try to release very soon after the RC.

We could use more help than usual between now and the release. I will post more about the specifics of what we need soon. Thanks for all of your help so far – we’re getting close and 0.9 is going to rock!

13 thoughts on “Camino 0.9 Release Plans

  1. Sounds awesome, I can’t wait for some of the fixes and features you guys are working on. Oh and nice to see you added the option to change default browsers (CVS checkins)

  2. Well I know Mike seems psyched over the changes made on the trunk since the last release however I found that I can get Camino to crash on a fairly regular basis (taking nightly bits & 0.8-RELEASE). Plus an option really needs to be made to turn off plug-ins all together. Flash really IS annoying (and pointless 99% of the time).

    However good luck.

  3. If you need a betatester just ask.
    Not that I am familiar with programming but where I can help you I do.
    Thanks for the good work and keep it up.

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