Camino 0.9 Progress

By making some tough calls (no form autofill in 0.9) and fixing a bunch of bugs, we are down to 35 bugs blocking an 0.9 release. We’ll be down some more by the end of the day.

At this point we could really use some bug triage help. If people could go over Camino bugs and set the 0.9 blocker request flag on any that look critical (we have such a flag in bugzilla now), that would be great. We don’t want to miss any critical issues.

We also need help confirming unconfirmed bugs, getting rid of dupes, and organizing our bugs in general. We only have about 550 open bugs, so if we had a few helpers, giving everything a look is a do-able task.

If you’re feeling bad about features that won’t make it into 0.9, giving the developers grief isn’t going to help the situation. We want to implement features, but its easy to want and hard to come up with patches. We need to release, and once that is done we can go back to implementing great new stuff like form autofill, maybe RSS support, Quartz rendering, form spell checking…

That said, 0.9 will be packed with good stuff. Among other things, it will include a much improved bookmark manager with live search, awesome new tabs, tons of bug fixes, MIDAS rich text editing, browser reset, a newer version of the Gecko rendering engine, and a cleaned up UI.

2 thoughts on “Camino 0.9 Progress

  1. Keep up the great work on Camino. I really hope you get RSS support in there. This is my favorite feature of Firefox. Thanks again!

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