Extension Idea: integrated bittorrent

I think it would be really cool is somebody grabbed some of the open source bittorrent code out there and integrated it with Firefox via an extensions. I’d like to be able to click on a .torrent link and have it start downloading in the download manager. It could contribute to the torrent so long as the download lasts, or until you close the browser, whatever…

9 thoughts on “Extension Idea: integrated bittorrent

  1. I can see that it might be *cool*, but in reality how much *better* would it be than just spawning up an external BitTorret/Azureus/Whatever client?

  2. Why integrate BitTorrent into one browser if you could have pretty good integration in all browsers? If I click on a .torrent link, it get’s automatically opened in my BitTorrent client (Arctic Torrent) which only downloads torrents, but does that well.

    While even more seamless integration into Firefox might be desirable if you only use this browser, it has one main downside: when you’re done with surfing, the browser will be closed, thus preventing the torrents you used from being seeded by you. A separate client on the other hand – specially when it uses hardly any resources – will allow you to give back to the torrent what you got from it as long as your computer is running. Using such an extension might thus in the end rather harm the BitTorrent community and thus that extension’s (clueless) users as well…

  3. Maybe an option to continue downloading after browser is closed, or keep the download menu up and running?

    The idea behind having the client integrated into the browser is a good one, and the ability to have the user select a 3rd party client already installed on the user machine is even better.

    All about options. My mom may not have a bittorrent client on her computer and at some point this may be a barrier for downloading a file. I on the other hand may have one and would rather use a client specifically for that task.

    These are for two seperate user groups but in the end they help everyone. More users for bit torrent, seemless web browsing experience for end user.

  4. to all these people that say why …
    well it means that as Firefox grows in popularity so does torrent. hopefully in a few months it would be acceptable to use torrents for larger software downloads (on websites) rather that HTTP or FTP.
    say for trial versions of software and updates.

    means the user dosnt need to even know what a torrent is, and it will work.

    also makes a cool / cheap way for firefox to update its self. saves the Moz foundation $$ by not using their bandwidth to distribute the update.

    I think is a GREAT Idea…
    but I Would love to see it distributed as part of the main package… that would be so cool.

  5. The key reasons to have it integrated are a) wider distribution, b) dependability and c) simple UI. See the bug for details, but it should be possible for BT downloads to have pretty much the same UI as HTTP downloads (with some different potential error messages).

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