The Golden State

I started working full time at the Mozilla Foundation in Mountain View, CA, two days ago. Things are going pretty well, though I have a little adjusting to do. Code-wise, I’m working on porting some security fixes to embedding code and writing a front-end for the Firefox 1.1 update system on Mac OS X. Otherwise, I’m exploring Mountain View a bit (mostly good restaurants and little else), and later today I’m heading to San Franciso to look around some more. The weather here is very nice, especially today, so it should be a pleasant outing.

Camino users on Mac OS X 10.4 should notice that Camino now uses the unified toolbar look. I checked in a patch last night after seeing Camino with unified toolbars – it looks awesome.

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  1. Welcome to CA!

    (Also, just a heads up, your very first blog post here has some fairly nasty trackback spam extant. Amusing, as you claimed optimism with comments, then)

  2. mat, there are third-party utilities that will convert Camino to metal. Mike Pinkerton has always made it clear that different themes are never going to be options built into Camino.

  3. I love Mama Sue(?)’s Indian Kitchen in Mountain View. Any time I visit the Bay area I usually end up down there and hit BookBuyers to relieve them of some vintage paperback science fiction.

  4. Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee! Let there be a hidden pref to turn this off! By the way, metal isn’t an option for me as well.

    What is that, that you software dev folks run after every new style Apple releases?

    Probaply there is a sense behind Mail’s appearance. Ever thought about that? Icons that work well in Pinstripes aren’t made to be placed on unified toolbars. That’s why Mail is the only Apple app using this style (or at least the only important one) which actually HAS toolbar buttons. Same goes to Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire. By the way there is a hidden pref to turn it off.

    But because I think you’re goint to keep it, do me and everyone who hasn’t eyecancer yet a favor and change the appearance of tabs and bookmark bar as well. They look awful with the new style.

  5. Party on.

    The Cities have finally gotten their weather act together for a few beautiful days, so I’m with you in spirit or something.

  6. > What is that, that you software dev folks run after every new style Apple releases?

    Yeah, like how Camino switched to metal as soon as it came out? Oh wait, no it didn’t. They switched to the unified toolbar because people have long commented that the top of the window was cluttered by too many horizontal lines.

    If you hate it that much, turn it off on your copy. There’s no need for a hidden pref because it only takes about 30 seconds to do yourself with the developer tools, and someone could easily add it as an option for one of the Camino themeing apps.

  7. Yes, the sunshine state is my state. I was a little baffled why you had moved to Florida for Mozilla work! πŸ˜›

    Just to let you know, I enjoy your blog, and I have added it to my links section on my site:


  8. unified toolbar is for me an huge improvment.

    (more easy to move the window, very nice and a little light texture look)


  9. Relocating from MN, Josh could have confused almost anywhere with “the Sunshine State” (or so my friends from MN tell me) πŸ™‚

    Good to see your name popping up on bonsai again, Josh; keep up the great work!

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