Dear Opera

About 8.0.1 on Mac OS X…

– nice rendering engine – snappy, looks nice (except for text placement in form widgets)
– your toolbar/tab/prefs and URL bar UI looks terrible – see Apple Human Interface Guidelines

You did the hard part, now finish the job outside the content area. Seriously looking forward to 8.5! Uninstalling 8.0.1.

P.S. All your bases are belong to Camino.

9 thoughts on “Dear Opera

  1. While Opera’s interface needs a lot of work, their CSS3 advances are impressive. I hope Camino and its gecko siblings follow suit.

  2. Well, the Opera User Interface is very bad at all, but Gecko can hardly compete with the rendering engine, there’s still a lot of bugfixing to be done

  3. Mac: that’s BS. 🙂

    For example, Gecko 1.8b2 supports SVG (not all of it, but more than SVG Tiny), MathML, WhatWG Canvas and XForms (via an extension) and stuff like CSS 3 opacity. From these Opera has only a subset of SVG – SVG Tiny.

    Yes, there are some things Presto (Opera’s engine) supports that Gecko does not, but saying “Gecko can hardly complete” is just a piece of unjustifiable FUD.

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