Firefox and Thunderbird Now Using CFRunLoop

I checked in the code for switching all Mac OS X products to CFRunLoop. Tomorrow’s nightly builds will use it. None of the “regressions” pointed out by test users seemed related to CFRunLoop, they were just problems on the trunk at the time I made the test builds. Hopefully from here on out we’ll have a much improved plugin experience, and other parts of the browser should be snappier as well.

As a side note, lots of people reported problems with bfcache in my test build. People – bfcache is turned off by default for a reason, and that reason is that it doesn’t work yet.

6 thoughts on “Firefox and Thunderbird Now Using CFRunLoop

  1. bfcache has been working very well for me with all the nightlies I have used. There are some bugs in (293235,298077), but nothing really bad. And certainly nothing as weird as the problems with CFRunLoop and bfcache (bug 298112) noted here and in the mozillazine forums.

    And there is 298293 to turn it on by default.

  2. Great work on this. This is by far the most important thing to me, as Firefox’s performance is terrible on my Powerbook G4/800Mhz, and any Flash just hangs the browser.

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