I haven’t worked much today because I was up until 4 AM debugging Mozilla’s internal screen coordinate system and then all the Mozilla Foundation folks went GoKart racing in Burlingame around the time I showed up at work. Kart racing is awesome, but I left with my hands in pain from blisters from making so many sharp turns on a hard plastic steering wheel with no gloves. I’m going back at the coordinate stuff tonight (my biggest problem is Firefox on Mac window positioning, which opens a can of worms), but first its nap time.

Fun fact of the day from a car ride with Benjamin Smedberg is that his previous job was music director at a Catholic church. That’s awesome. Gives me hope for my ambition to become and English Literature professor.

3 thoughts on “Vrrroooomm

  1. Well I knew he used to work for a Catholic church, but I figured he was hum … their webmaster ?

  2. Josh is being modest, and not mentioning the fact that he totally smoked the rest of us. He was barely visible, and could only be identified by cutting through the doppler shift and listening for the cries of “this is almost as fast as the new CFRunLoop stuff!”

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