Mac Development Wiki

I have started a Mac development section at Mozilla’s wiki site.

In the Mac development section I have outlined some of the most important things we need to work on over the medium to long term. For each one I tried to make some basic notes about what is going on. It is sparse now, but I’ll write more soon and hopefully other Mac developers will help me fill it in. I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to maximize use of this resource, but I hope it will evolve based on our needs. I want it to be a place where we can outline the decisions we need to make, outline the pros and cons of different plans, record the decisions we make, and lay down plans for implementing things. If you want to know some of the details about what is going on with Mac development, read the docs there. However, please don’t edit the docs unless you are a developer.

One thought on “Mac Development Wiki

  1. excellent! Nice to finally have a central page to track this stuff. Of particular interest (to me, anyway) is the build-requirements page and any info on xulrunner for mac. I expect figuring out a way to unify XUL:menus with Cocoa will go a long way towards making the systems xp compatible.

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