Firefox Runs on Intel Macs

I got Firefox building and running on an Intel Mac tonight. Within the week I should have it working straight from cvs (right now it needs a few patches). For the two of you that might be able to use it, I’ll post a build to the experimental directory of the Mozilla FTP server tomorrow. Next up, Camino and Thunderbird.

I think for the first time in the history of Mac Mozilla products, we’re actually ahead of the game in a way…

5 thoughts on “Firefox Runs on Intel Macs

  1. I guess this wasn’t too “hard” taking in to consideration on how many platforms Firefox already runs (one of them being x86).

    Curious about the performance Josh, is it comparable to PowerPC?


  2. I’m guessing that there’s an NDA in effect that prohibits talking about performance or anything really.

    I thought that Apple had already done some port work here, and donated the code. Can you say if you used that, or what?

  3. Firefox was developed to run Intel x86 Processors before it was ported to the Macintoh. The Macintosh is now being ported to use intel processors.

  4. Josh, I’m in Utrecht…. if you have the time and have the funds, you should come to Amsterdam on the 9th! How are you doing? I called you once from Belgium… I think it was too early in the states though. Well, I hope you are doing well in California!

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