20 thoughts on “Screenshot of Firefox with Cocoa Widgets

  1. I thought that Cairo was going to handle all the drawing of the widgets eventually ??
    Is your work related to that or is your work going to be replaced by Cairo in the end ??

  2. Maybe you don’t care, or already know, but comparing this screenshot side by side with safari shows that safari’s dropdown widgets are definitely a little bit narrower than the ones in your screenshot. Maybe those are Safari specific or something, since Camino doesn’t use the narrow ones either.

  3. Mitch, Josh answered that question in his previous blog entry: after Fx 1.1 ships. But he’ll post a one-off build once there’s a menu bar πŸ™‚

    Josh, nice work. One day I’ll no longer have to gouge my eyes out opening Fx to check whether a bug is Camino-only or Core πŸ™‚

  4. The screen shot got me to finally get around to compiling a build myself. fun. quirky too. It’s nice to see the mac version finally get a bit more attention.

  5. Josh, will this work just like current calls to system widgets (using the -moz-apearance tags)? or will theming still have to be divided between the two OS’s?


  6. When will someone complete / write-anew a port of Firefox in Qt? Wouldn’t it then automatically be portable across Win/Mac/Linux?

    Think about it ff devs!

  7. why use the ‘LARGEST’ widget size? This looks hideous on a PowerBook and why is the font inside also the size of the sytem font?

    Please change to Smallest Size widget, font size 9.

  8. I hate those ‘lickable’ OS X buttons. Firefox should stay with the standard buttons.

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