Help Me Judge The MacMod Challenge

I’m a judge for this year’s MacMod Challenge. You can see the submissions in each category by clicking here. Which one do you think should win and why?

5 thoughts on “Help Me Judge The MacMod Challenge

  1. They are all ok, but I really liked the ‘wallstreet road warrior’ mod. I think it’s because it resurrected a dead mac, was pretty darn creative, and was technically challenging. And can you imagine the looks on peoples faces when he pulls that sucker out at Starbucks?

    Of the ones that were painting/color mods, I think that the The Necronomicon one was quite well done.

  2. Oh. My. God. Wallstreet Road Warrior, all the fuggin’ way. Toggle switches? Big nasty limiter hinge? STARTS WITH A KEY? I been killed.

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