I finally got glasses, and indeed it no longer hurts to work on the computer. I don’t really like wearing the glasses though. Its weird to have this wiry plastic thing on my face all the time, and things look a little different through the lenses even though I’m getting used to them. Oh well. I’ll get used to it. I’m not sick any more, and my eye pain is gone, so I’m back in top shape and that feels great.

13 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be stepping into the shower thinking.. “Hold on, why am I seeing everything sharply?”

  2. Whenever I get glasses with a new prescription, I only start wearing them the next morning because of the whole visual wierdness – it gives me a headache! Putting them on in the morning seems to give my brain enough time to reset.

  3. You’ll get used to the feeling. The first days, it’s a very strange feeling on your nose but sometimes – after a week or so – you’ll being used to the feeling and even not think about your glasses.

  4. You’ll get used to the feeling. I remember when I first wore glasses it felt like the world was moving when you moved your head. I guess that depends on the strength of the glasses too.

    Anyway, if you only need to use the glasses when sitting in front of the computer, you’re still a lucky guy.

  5. I’ve always been proud of my perfect vision. But I’ve been staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours everyday for over a year now, and I’m afraid it’s beginning to slip. I may be joining the glasses-wearing masses before too long.

  6. To the person that asked about contacts, most people can’t wear contacts when using the computer because you tend not to blink as much and they can get irritating. I wear glasses for work when I’m looking at a screen and contacts when i’m out on the town.

  7. I wore glasses until my senior year in high school. I couldn’t stand the peripheral vision issue, so I switched to contacts permanently.

    I use computers all day at my job and I don’t have a problem with contacts, they never get uncomfortable. or dry. Maybe I’m lucky. I get headaches sometimes, probably from over working and eye strain.

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