Drooling Over a Sun Workstation

With their Ultra 20 Workstation, Sun has built exactly what I look for and until now have never found in a new computer. It’s powered by a 64-bit AMD Opteron processor, starts at less than $1000, and is certified to run Solaris, Linux, and Windows (the latter I don’t care about, but I’d take it as a perk). It also comes with a 3-year warrantee.

The compatability alone is a big deal. I hate dealing with setting up machines, and the fact that the Ultra 20 has been certified on 3 operating systems probably means less setup pain. I highly doubt Dell cares if their sub-$1000 boxes run Linux (not to mention Solaris) well.

If you’re looking for a new computer to run any OS, you should probably check out the Ultra 20 Workstation. Looks like it has convenient out-of-the-box speed and compatability for a great price.

Yes I sound like a Sun marketing droid, but I don’t mind sounding like that if they really have built something cool.

6 thoughts on “Drooling Over a Sun Workstation

  1. I have also been seriously looking at this for my next development workstation. Though I’m still torn between going with the better supported system that should run Solaris and Linux with no problems, or go the route of my current one and build one my self for less money, and possibly go with the more “consumer grade” Althon64 rather than the Opteron. My current box has constantly given me compatibility issues, and something about the IDE keeps the Solaris installer from working, as well as the os SuSe/Novell and Zeta.

  2. (Two months later) Did you buy it? If yes, do you like it? And did you encounter bug #286279 (Java plugin assumed dysfunctional on AMD64)?

  3. I liek your site alot and I love my dell even more I have two 3000 demensions with p4 hyper threading technology they do everything I need. But for what you paid for that system is a great bargain and should be very reliable let us knwo if it ever crashes.

  4. Pre-installed solaris 10 configuration was a bit painful. Initially it wouldn’t boot into JDE because of a system clock misconfiguration etc. Also solaris 10 media wasn’t shipped with the machine, which was a shame.

    Windows XP wouldn’t install with the supplied ultra 20 supplement 1.0 disc’s Xpreburn.

    FC4 installed fine and runs smoothly.

    With the low end version of the box the integrated video adapter is painfully slow and by my standards unfit for desktop use. (Terrible tearing when moving windows etc.)

    I bought an nvidia 6600gt card and since then the system has been running smoothly (at least in FC4). I’ve heard that this works with solaris too.

    The box is maybe a bit noisy but otherwise i’ve been happy with it. For people wanting to install XP, you might want to try the xpreburn on supplement 1.2, though i haven’t tried if it works.

    All in all an OK box in my view, the video adapter was a disappointment though. I wasn’t expecting much from it but the integrated device just didn’t cut it for normal desktop use.

  5. I have The sun tech. V20Z with 50 1G workstation but the linux Java sun desktop is to old. We tried with FC5 But we could not install the software (Sun Workstsion i think 3.1) to control the 1g. It said processor not compatible.

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