Website Finally Updated

I finally found time to update my website. Actually, I made time by sleeping even less than I normally do. I updated some of the content (not that there is much), added a bunch of pictures to my picture section, and cleaned up the home page so it contains a picture that is somewhat up to date. Remember – my website is a pathetic attempt at making me not look so nerdy when girls google me. Nothing more.

New Intel Mac builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino

I have posted new Intel builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, and Camino. You can get them here. As the page says, I build these myself whenever I have the time, and they may contain patches that are not in CVS yet. These builds are the best builds I know of for the latest Apple seed builds, not necessarily the newest. Use at your own risk.

The current builds require the latest Intel Mac OS X seed, 8F1099. They seem to be very stable.

How much do I love Tegan and Sara?

A whole lot. I just bought their second CD “This Business of Art” and it is even more incredible than the other two I own, which is quite an accomplishment. I’ve been listening to it for three days straight and it has been a great three days purely on account of that.

You can find their shows on They are on tour all October.

I am staying up all night to rewrite some Mac menu code in Mozilla. I’m going to get back to that now…