What I’ve Been Working on Lately

Its been a while since I wrote about what I’m doing at work these days, so here is an update.

Lots of plugin stuff has been happening lately. I’ve been working with Macromedia to resolve performance issues with their Flash plugin. Lots of this work is bigger-picture, like helping them transition to OpenGL rendering and making a roadmap of major bugs to fix to pave the way for the next generation of Flash. I’ve also been working on various issues related to plugins on Intel Macs, and issues related to a 64-bit version of the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI). A big thank-you goes out to Apple and Macromedia developers, as well as Mark Mentovai, for all of their help moving forward with plugins on Mac OS X.

When I’m not working on plugins, I’m usually working on the Cocoa code that will be at the core of Firefox 3.0. Finally, we’re actually serious about using Cocoa widgets (ala Camino) in Firefox. Along with this change we should get Quartz rendering, but I am not working on the Quartz part at the moment. Right now I’m finishing off the Cocoa implementation of our menu code, then I’ll move on to making windows behave correctly.

Our Intel Mac development is coming along nicely. The Intel Mac version of Firefox works pretty well except for some plugin issues which are largely on their way to being resolved. A good number of people have been volunteering to test Firefox on Intel Macs, which is great. You can find the latest information on Intel Mac Mozilla development here.

9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working on Lately

  1. Good to see an update. I had been curious how the cocoa widgets were progressing and did a trunk build a few days ago. Seemed quite a bit more useable then the first build you posted here. Keep up the good work.

  2. While the Cocoa buttons and checkboxes in Camino, and the Cocoa builds of Firefox look much nicer than the current and previous releases of Firefox, what’s keeping text boxes from being native Cocoa text boxes(in Camino and Firefox both)?

  3. Do these the Cocoa related changes you are working on for a future version of Firefox also apply to XUL based applications or just Firefox?

    I would like to convince our developers to use XUL for develop a new cross platform management console, but Mac OS X is very important platform and the current Firefox doesn’t look very native.

    Thanks for your continuing improvement of the Mac OS X experience for Firefox users.

  4. AIUI, there are two main problems with using native text boxes for textareas:

    1. They aren’t performant (Safari is moving away from them)
    2. There is an awful lot of work required to make them reflect all the DOM and CSS they should

    By contrast, it’s less work to hook up the nice things you’d expect from native boxes to the Gecko boxes. Simon Fraser got services working in form fields fairly easily, and Camino has code ready to go to hook up to the Mac OS X spell-checker (it’s just waiting on the Core code to provide hooks into the textareas, basically the editor equivalent of the patch that Tb is using).

    At least that’s what I’ve been told πŸ™‚

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