Back to Minneapolis in Time for Winter

I moved back to Minneapolis just in time for winter (still working full-time for Mozilla Corp). Yesterday it snowed for the first time, about 2 inches, and this morning I spend two hours getting new snow tires put on my car. My wussy high-efficiency made-for-cali-driving Civic Hybrid tires weren’t cutting it in snow and ice.

I found a really nice apartment at a good price, but I can’t move in until December 1st, so I’ve got all my work stuff set up at my friend Greg’s. I used to work with him at SGI, and since he works at SGI all day, I pretty much get his apartment to myself (if you don’t count Zoe, his adorable yellow lab). Hacking with 3 layers of clothing on, snow out the window, and some hot cocoa nearby is the way to go. My work outfits are like little geek cocoons. They greatly enhance productivity. All I’m missing now is my beloved ex-office-mate Scott MacGregor… sigh. Then again, this is the same guy that tried to get me to deliver his Calistoga water to his desk for him in exchange for a measly penny, so never mind.

7 thoughts on “Back to Minneapolis in Time for Winter

  1. Hey Josh, sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I get Zero friend points. My band is playing at the 7th St Entry tonight if you are bored though. I’ll call you!

  2. Har, me too. My return date keeps getting pushed back, but the latest reasons are actually pretty good. Anyway, my ‘homecoming’ is probably January. Just in time for the below-0 double-punches @ Coffee News.

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