Atmosphere’s New Album

I picked up Atmosphere‘s latest album, “You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having.” I’ve listened to it once through, and it’s a very worthy follow-up to “Seven’s Travels.” My favorite tracks so far are “Hockey Hair,” “That Night,” and “Get Fly.” If you haven’t heard of Atmosphere before, you should definitely check them out. They are an incredible hip-hop group from Minneapolis.

“That Night” has some pretty powerful lyrics. When I heard them for the first time I knew it had to be a real story, so I hit up google. Using information in the song, I found this news story. Apparently a 16 year old girl was raped and killed at an Atmosphere show in Albuquerque, NM, while she was trying to get backstage to meet the band. She was killed by a man who had a prior conviction for raping a 4 year old. Slug (Atmosphere’s front man) raps about how he felt about the incident in “That Night,” and its well done and moving.

6 thoughts on “Atmosphere’s New Album

  1. Whoa what a story about the song “that night”, pretty crazy. I was hoping for some song samples on the groups site, I like the title “get fly”, but I’d have to hear some beats to get a feel for it.
    Perhaps they will have some smaple clips somwhere?

    If so I can add them to my playlists..
    DJ Steve

  2. Music related but somewhat off topic – you list punk bands you like on your website but there’s no mention of The Living End who totally rock. Check them out, you’ll love it!

    BTW: loving Camino 🙂

  3. Haha, I came here for a new intelmac build of FF, and found out you’re an Atmosphere fan, that rocks. I saw them 3 times this last tour, and this newest album is by far the best. You may wanna grab Felt 2 – Tribute to Christina Ricci. It’s a great album, esp Fear and Loathing in Life Vegas.

  4. Nice, I like this album a lot but still a bigger fan of Sevens Travels. I agree with keith you should definitely check out Felt 2. I think anytime he rhymes with Murs it’s a classic.

  5. yeah I like their newest album alot. But you guys live in america I guess. cuz I live in hoilland and he doesnt come here alot, but when he does I’m going.
    Atmosphere is great because he doesnt start rapping bout how bad his life is and how many ho’s he has got or his bling bling. so thats good
    oke cya

  6. atmosphere is amazing. his lyrics, his beats, everything. “that night” was crazy intense, and it definitely sheds light on problems with our society.
    “you cant imagine how much fun we’re having” is in my car all the time.

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