Mozilla Summit

I’m in California this week for the Mozilla Summit, which is basically all of the Mozilla employees and many (~35) contributors getting together to talk and plan. It’s really great to meet lots of people I’ve communicated with quite a bit over the past 3 years. We have an amazing community, and the people are just as awesome in person as they are over the wire.

Later on this week I plan on updating the Mac OS X Firefox developer pages and putting an update on our progress here. I have lots of good things to say about how things are coming along.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Summit

  1. Regarding Mac OS X Firefox, in an earlier comment I was lamenting the performance. I would just like to say that 1.5’s performance is so vastly better, it is untrue. Even on my new Powerbook with 1Gig RAM, I had to use Safari for heavy Flash sites, but no longer.

    Great work

  2. Josh –

    Reading through the Firefox roadmap I’m left wondering exactly what positives come out of the move to Cocoa widgets other than native looking widgets on webpages? I completely agree that the current widgets suck, but that could be fixed by making the widgets not suck as much. The widgets Firefoxy installs aren’t perfect but a big step in the right direction. If it’s just a move sideways to the Camino status quo, it seems like a lot of work for no real gain and the performance issues mentioned (with no resolution in sight) don’t sound promising. Or maybe it’s an Apple thing for the x86 transition?

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