Playing Tennis Again

Today I joined an athletic club – time for me to get back into shape. It has been way too long since I had regular exercise. I used to play varsity tennis in high school, and I loved it, so I’m focusing on getting back into that again.

My plan is to work out for a few weeks to get somewhat back into shape, get a few private tennis lessons to get me swinging again, then join in on weekly tennis matches against other similarly-rated club members. I’m really excited.

5 thoughts on “Playing Tennis Again

  1. Josh, hope your goal of getting back into shape works out for you. It will be a new year’s resolution for most of us.

    On another issue. . . can you talk with Pinkerton and get him off the anti-RSS bandwagon? His latest post to his blog (which does not allow for a response) is offensive to those of us that do use RSS and support its’ development in Camino. Is his vocabulary so limited that he must resort to dropping the “F” bomb and other un-necessary language to make his opinion known? Please keep up your support for RSS in Camino and tell Mike P. to grow up.

  2. it might, but i used to play tennis too and i started working out but idk how i shud work out to keep my athleticity in tennis. i dont want to lose my talent in tennis. please reply thanks.

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